Public pension funds report their market valued investment returns for fiscal year end dates in advance of actuarial valuations for that same year. As plans report this information we are updating the list below. (Last update: January 12, 2020)

2019 Investment Returns for Public Pensions

Source: Public plan actuarial valuations, press releases, and trade press articles.

*Note: 2019 rates of return are as of June 30, unless otherwise noted in the Fiscal Year End Date field. The assumed rate of return listed is the most recent reported in the plan actuarial valuation, unless otherwise announced and cited with a link.

**Note: “Peer Benchmark Rate” is the rate of return selected by a plan to compare its returns against for the purposes of measuring annual performance against other similar plans. This measurement is helpful for ranking a pension fund’s investment performance in a given year. But it is irrelevant for the purposes of determining whether investments have helped or hurt a pension plan’s funded status — that is why actual returns need to be compared against the assumed rate of return over time.