More than a million Public Safety employees across the country do not participate in Social Security. There are 15 states that have totally opted out of Social Security wile another 6 states have mixed coverage.

Police Officers and Firefighters coverage map

Just Police Coverage

Just Firefighter Coverage

Why? When Congress created Social Security in 1935, it excluded state and local workers because of constitutional concerns that the federal government could not tax states and municipalities. In the 1950s, Congress amended the Social Security Act to allow, but not require, state and local governments to enroll their employees. Most states opted in, but more than one third of the country’s Public Safety employees live in states that didn’t, resulting in their lack of coverage today.

Talk to your agency’s retirement plan administrator to learn more about your social security status. If you are enrolled in social security, you may be affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision or the Government Pension Offset. Learn more here.