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State of Pensions 2020: Pension Trends To Know in the Age Of COVID

State of Pensions 2020 is Equable Institute's first annual report on the status of public pensions put into a historical context. State and local governments face a wide range of challenges – growing, and unpredictable pension costs are some of the largest. While public pension funding varies widely by state, State of Pensions 2020 reveals that fragile state of public sector pension funds coming into 2020 has left them exposed to the pandemic’s financial effects.

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State of Pensions 2020: Great Recession Lessons Learned for Public Pensions in the Age of COVID-19

There are many unknowns in the Age of COVID-19, but fortunately when it comes to forecasting what is likely to happen to public pension funds […]
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Are Texas Teacher Retirement Benefits Adequate?

Download the report | Are Texas Teacher Retirement Benefits Adequate? Long-serving veterans who remain in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas for 27 or more years […]
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State of Pensions 2020 Explained: Unfunded Liabilities as a Share of State Economic Output

A common metric for measuring the fiscal health of a pension plan is the . But on its own this metric doesn’t tell us everything […]
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State of Pensions 2020: Solutions for States

There were some positive steps taken by statewide retirement systems during the decade after the Great Recession. But the strides were not good enough. Most […]
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Calm Amid the Chaos: Wisconsin’s Pension System and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Download The Case Study | Calm Amid the Chaos: Wisconsin’s Pension System and the 2008 Financial Crisis Between September and December of 2008, as investors […]
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Why Equable Institute Cares about Retirement Security

For America’s states and local governments to function properly and thrive — that is, to provide effective and efficient governance — the institutions within its […]
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Infographic: State Funded Ratio Histories

Download this infographic here. These graphics originally appeared in the December Update to State of Pensions 2020. Read the report at Equable.org/stateofpensions. Individual state graphics are […]
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