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We’re committed to helping solve sustainability challenges in public sector retirement plans.

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What do Teachers Think About Retirement?

Equable Institute recently conducted a nationally representative survey to better understand the ways that teachers value their retirement benefits, as well as their awareness of challenges facing public sector pensions.

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The Contribution Rate Just Keeps Growing
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Why Equable Institute Cares about Retirement Security

For America’s states and local governments to function properly and thrive — that is, to provide effective and efficient governance — the institutions within its […]
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The 80% Pension Funding Standard Myth

An 80% funded ratio often has been cited in recent years as a basis for whether a pension plan is financially or “actuarially” sound. Left […]
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Why COLAs Matter for Retirement Security

Everyone has their favorite moment of realizing the effects of inflation. Just five cents for a bottle of Coke? You’d be lucky to get that […]
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How Unfunded Pension Costs Threaten Educational Equity

School districts’ unfunded pension and benefit costs are rapidly increasing at a rate that will become unsustainable. While districts paid approximately $500 per pupil in […]
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Hidden Debt, Hidden Deficits: 2019 Update

State and local governments are on the hook to pay retirement benefits to public employees such as teachers and public safety officials. However, governments generally […]
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Comparing State Funding Policies to S&P Global Measurement of Best Practice

S&P Global Rating’s analyzes state and local pension plans from the perspective municipal bond holders, the organizations that lend money to state and local governments. […]
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The Growing Costs of Arizona’s State Retirement System are Crowding Out Teacher Pay and Education Finances

The Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) provides retirement income for nearly 150,000 former teachers, state workers, and civilian municipal employees across the Cactus State. The […]
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Why States Don’t Pay Their Pension Bills

One of the primary factors driving state and local unfunded pension liabilities is the failure of governments to always pay their pension bills, known as […]
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Look into the status of specific states.

How are states managing their pension and retirement promises? Or how much employees have to contribute toward their pension and retirement benefits? Select a state to see a snapshot of your state's retirement system.