Equable Institute’s Retirement Security Report evaluated the quality and value of 335 statewide retirement plans in the United States using important retirement plan design metrics including benefit values, flexibility and mobility, and sustainability to determine how well workers are served by their plans. These scores were used to create the retirement plan rankings below.

These retirement plan rankings are meant to offer a general idea of how well retirement plans serve all workers enrolled in each of these plans. However, these scores are averages across career tenures and ages at hire. Your plan may serve you better or worse than the average. If you are interested in seeing how your plan serves you, you can access each plan’s interactive individual retirement security scorecard here. ┬áIf you are a teacher, we have also ranked the best states for new teacher retirement benefits.

You can search for your individual plan using the table below. As the Retirement Security Report is updated to include more plans, including Legacy and municipal plans, we’ll add to this list below.


About the Retirement Security Report

The Retirement Security Report is an interactive digital report that evaluates the quality of retirement benefits offered to public workers nationwide using customizable score cards for all 335 statewide retirement plans currently open to new hires. While most analyses of public retirement plans focus on the sustainability of public retirement systems and their costs, the Retirement Security Report is focused on the value of benefits being offered to public sector workers to determine if individual plans are providing a path to retirement income security for municipal employees, public safety officers, state workers, and teachers based on career tenure and age.