The Retirement Security Report is an interactive, digital evaluation of the quality of retirement benefits offered to public workers nationwide using customizable score cards for all 335 statewide retirement plans currently open to new hires. While most analyses of public retirement plans focus on the sustainability of public retirement systems and their costs, the Retirement Security Report is focused on the value of benefits being offered to public sector workers to determine if individual plans are providing a path to retirement income security for municipal employees, public safety officers, state workers, and teachers based on career tenure and age.

Equable Institute is committed to transparency and collaboration. The following document contains the key methodological notes for how we approached this ambitious project.

Download the Full Report | Retirement Security Report Methodology

We have also made all of our data and scoring algorithms open-source. The data is available here and the scoring scripts can be accessed via GitHub.

For any further questions about data sources, data utilization, or data methods, please contact the authors Jonathan Moody and Anthony Randazzo.